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Stop Sign Ticket Lawyers in St. Louis - Fees and Points Information

Points for a Stop Sign Ticket in Missouri

Reduce Your St. Louis Area Stop Sign Ticket to a No Points Violation

Our St. Louis stop sign lawyers work on behalf of people who have received a ticket for allegedly failing to stop at a stop sign. Paying a ticket fee without first consulting a lawyer can be a costly error, both now and later. This page contains information on how a St. Louis stop sign ticket can affect your driving record, what its potential hidden costs are, and why working with a St. Louis stop sign lawyer may be to your benefit.

St. Louis Stop Sign Ticket InformationChoosing to accept a stop sign charge can have a negative impact on you in the long term. Not only must you pay a fee for the ticket now, you may face higher insurance premiums as a result of having the charge on your record. Stop sign tickets are considered moving violations which are significant infractions. To have your St. Louis stop sign ticket reduced to a less serious non-moving violation, consult with our lawyers.

Stop Sign Tickets Add 2 Points to Your Missouri Driving Record

In addition to increasing your auto insurance premiums, a moving violation can incur points on your driving record. When points add up from St. Louis stop sign tickets and other violations, your privilege to drive can become jeopardized. If you acquire enough points on your record, you can lose your driver's license for months at a time and face costly reinstatement procedures. Even if this ticket is your first infraction, it is wise to work hire a lawyer to have to ticket reduced in order to keep your driving record clean. Our St. Louis stop sign lawyers are experienced and successful litigators who can achieve a reduction or amendment of most tickets.

Working with a St. Louis stop sign ticket lawyer can save you time and money, reduce hassle, and ultimately protect your driving privilege. We believe that each of our clients deserves personalized attention; we are committed to working on your behalf to have your ticket reduced or amended. For basic information on our services, please see our FAQs page. We know that each case is unique and we are happy to answer your individual questions. Please contact our St. Louis stop sign lawyer office for a free, no-obligation consultation.