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St. Louis DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) Defense Lawyers in St. Louis - Fees and Points Information

Points for a DWI in Missouri

St. Louis Lawyers Defend Your Right to Drive After a DWI/Driving While Intoxicated Arrest

This page contains information for individuals who have received a charge or been arrested for allegedly driving while intoxicated. St. Louis DWI tickets carry strict penalties and can have significant repercussions on a person's life, often costing their driving privilege for a period of time, incurring harmful points on their driving record, and resulting in lasting spikes in auto insurance premiums. Missouri DWI Arrest LawyerThis page includes information on who can benefit from the legal representation of a St. Louis DWI lawyer, what we can do to improve the outcomes of your case, and why our St. Louis DWI lawyers offer superior services.

DWI tickets are more complex than many other traffic violations, and for this reason many individuals choose to hire a St. Louis DWI lawyer. In the state of Missouri and in St. Louis, DWI charges are related to two separate parts of law, criminal alcohol law and administration alcohol law. Our lawyers are familiar with both aspects of the St. Louis DWI law and will work on your behalf to mitigate the negative consequences resulting from each of these laws.

DWI Adds 8 Points to Your Missouri Driving Record, 12 After First Offense

Criminal alcohol law is related to the ticket that is issued itself. If a driver is convicted of a St. Louis DWI offense, the ticket will cause points to be incurred against that individual's driving record.  Incurring too many points can cause a driver to lose their driving privileges for a period of time.

Administrative alcohol law causes an automatic suspension or revocation of an individual's driving privilege after a driver is given a St. Louis DWI ticket. Simply driving over the legal blood alcohol limit can cost a person their driver's license for a period of time. An experienced St. Louis DWI attorney can appeal this decision and lessen or eliminate this loss of driving privilege.

The effects of a DWI worsen for repeat offenders. Our lawyers represent first time and repeat offenders, successfully achieving amended charges, reduction of penalties, and the speedy reinstatement of driving privileges after a St. Louis DWI allegation. Without the help of a lawyer, first time DWI tickets cause a driver to lose their license for 90 days. Commercial drivers who are caught driving with a blood alcohol content of .04% will be disqualified from driving commercial vehicles for an entire year. Individuals who face multiple or repeat St. Louis DWI charges receive a minimum of a year-long license revocation, and may even face a five- or ten-year license denial. For individuals facing both first time and repeat charges, the repercussions of this charge are substantial. Representation from a competent and reputable St. Louis DWI lawyer can make a world of difference for persons in these circumstances, reducing and eliminating harmful charges and reinstating driving privileges.

St. Louis, Missouri DWI Lawyers: Serious Charges Require Serious Lawyers

Most drivers understand the serious nature of a DWI charge. What many persons may not know is that time is of the essence in handling these matters. For example, when a driver's license revocation is issued for driving above the legal blood alcohol content limit, a driver has fifteen days to request a hearing, after which the revocation goes into effect. If you are serious about having your charge reduced or amended, contact our St. Louis DWI lawyers now for a free consultation. Every case is different based on your individual circumstances and existing driving record, and we are prepared to answer your particular questions. Contact us for a no-obligation consult today. We save our clients time and money, reduce the need for court appearances and reinstate driving privileges as rapidly as possible.