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St. Louis DUI (Driving Under Influence) Defense Lawyers in St. Louis - Fees and Points Information

Points for a DUI in Missouri

St. Louis Lawyers Defend Your Right to Drive After a DUI/Driving Under Influence Arrest

Our St. Louis DUI lawyers represent drivers seeking to lessen the charges and penalties they face from a DUI ticket. This page includes information about our services the work we do on behalf of drivers facing first time and repeat St. Louis DUI charges. This charge results in damaging penalties, including the loss of one's driving privilege for anywhere from 90 days to multiple years, earning damaging points against one's driving record, and causing costly increases in auto insurance premiums. This page includes information on how hiring a St. Louis DUI lawyer can improve your circumstances and why time is of the essence when engaging legal representation.

Missouri DUI Arrest LawyerDefending St. Louis DUI tickets is not as straightforward as amending charges for lesser traffic violations, and for this reason alone St. Louis drivers tend to hire a DUI lawyer  to work on their behalf. The complexity is related to the fact that this particular charge fall under two distinct parts of the law, criminal alcohol law and administration alcohol law. Our St. Louis DUI lawyer  work with a two-pronged that addresses both of these aspects of the law in order to achieve the best solution possible.

The first part of the law related to a charge, criminal alcohol law, is what results in an actual ticket. This ticket causes points to be incurred on a driver's record. Incurring too many points can lead to the eventual suspension of a person's driving privilege in Missouri. Our St. Louis DUI lawyer team works to amend tickets as a means to reduce the number of points incurred and protect our clients' driving privileges.

DUI Adds 8 Points to Your Missouri Driving Record, 12 After First Offense

The second part of Missouri law that is relevant for St. Louis DUI tickets, the administrative alcohol law, results in the automatic suspension of a person's driving privilege, regardless of points incurred, for driving with their blood alcohol content over the legal limit. Our St. Louis DUI lawyers can appeal this decision in order to eliminate the interruption of driving privileges or have driving privileges reinstated much more rapidly than would otherwise occur.

The effects of a DUI conviction are more extreme for drivers who have faced this charge previously. We work on behalf of both first-time and repeat offenders to achieve amended charges, reduce penalties faced, and have your license reinstated as quickly as possible. In the absence of legal representation from successful St. Louis DUI lawyers, first time offenders lose their license for a minimum of 90 days. Commercial drivers who receive a first time charge for driving with a blood alcohol content of .04% (the commercial limit) can automatically lose the privilege of driving a commercial vehicle for a year. Drivers who have accumulated more than one St. Louis DUI ticket are subject to a minimum of a year-long license revocation, and may even face a five- or ten-year license denial depending on their past driving record. The consequences of both first time and repeat charges are a significant detriment to drivers, both financially and in terms of losing their privilege to drive. Hiring a St. Louis DUI lawyer can transform desperate circumstances, serving to reduce and remove harmful charges and recover driving privileges.

St. Louis, Missouri DUI Lawyers: Serious Charges Require Serious Lawyers

Contact our St. Louis DUI lawyers as soon as possible after the arrest to to discuss the best possible defense for your DUI case and the charges against you.